About the Book

Foreword by Dr. Ron Elmore, Psy.d;

kbfrontcovernewlrg About the BookOver the years I have consistently encountered two types of people in ministry–the prepared and the unprepared. Those who have been prepared for ministry inevitably are able to minister effectively as a result of their years of preparation. But for every one who has been prepared, there’s another who’s not been adequately prepared, and is, therefore, far less effective than they might otherwise have been.

I have always thought that it would be tremendously useful if a ministry guide existed that would point out the essential characteristics vital to one’s success in serving; a simple guidebook offering practical insight and inspiration for a life of extraordinary service.

Certainly, such a book would be tailor-made for those who sincerely want to serve but are clueless as to where to start. And, it would be no less helpful to those who are presently serving and aiming to sharpen their skill and minister even more effectively. Many point to the Bible as that resource–and it is! But I’m sure all will agree that we can greatly benefit from sound teaching that illuminates the Bible’s profound truths and spurs us on to act on them.

This was the catalyst for this book. While seasoned leaders may already know what are the essential personal characteristics needed for ministry and service, those humbly seeking an opportunity to serve may not. Thus, there is a great need for such instruction. Kevin Bond has provided just that.

His concise, empowering book is aptly entitled, “A Servant’s Guide from a Servant’s Heart: Ministry from A to Z.” I pray that will not only read it, but also apply each and every quality he’s so richly detailed here.

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